Special Education

The Special Education Department at Dr. Norman Bethune C.I. provides a network of support for students with diverse learning styles and needs, their families and their classroom teachers. 

Who is eligible for support through the Dr. Norman Bethune Special Education Department?

  • students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP)
  • students who are IPRC’d with a formal exceptionality (eg. Learning Disability)
  • students who have been identified as otherwise being at-risk and who require more direct support

How are students selected to receive support?  

An Identification process involving all of the following is used:

  • referrals by classroom teachers, Guidance counselors and Administrators
  • consultation with Board staff
  • consultation with grade 8 feeder schools regarding in-coming grade 9 students
  • parent/student input 

How is support delivered?

  • Through formal courses on the student’s timetable:
    • GLE1O/2O: General Learning Strategies
    • GLE3O/4O: Advanced Learning Strategies: Skills for Success After Secondary School

(Students who have an IEP may take one GLE Learning Strategies course each year for a total of 4 credits.)

  • On an informal, drop-in basis, before and after school, and during the lunch period.

Does having an IEP affect my child’s chances of going to college or university?

  • No one at the college/university will know about the IEP unless your child chooses to tell them.  The TDSB cannot and will not send any information about the IEP without your student’s request and permission.
  • The IEP accommodations are designed to help the student to understand and use his/her learning strengths to achieve success and so can help the student to work towards post-secondary goals.
  • Colleges/universities are well aware of the diverse learning needs of students.  Each institution has its own wide network of support services that are available to its students.  For more information please check the websites of specific colleges or universities.
  • The Dr. Norman Bethune Special Education Department and the Guidance Department work closely with our students to make sure that they are aware of supports at the post-secondary level and how to access them.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact the Dr. Norman Bethune C.I. Special Education Department to discuss further questions or concerns.