What We Do

We offer a varied and interesting program that provides our students with many opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in the areas of Reading and Literature, Writing, Oral Communication and Media Studies.

How To Succeed In English Class

  • Read every day. It doesn’t matter if you read a novel or a newspaper or even comic books. Regular reading not only helps you read better, but it also helps you write better.
  • Participate in class. Not only is speaking an important component of every English course, but also it allows the teacher to assess your understanding of the material and it helps you to deepen your own understanding of a concept.
  • Complete each and every assignment. Homework will also be regularly assigned and is an important way for you to practice your skills, so do it.
  • Keep an organized notebook. As a skills-based course, English builds on what has come before. It will be easier for you to review previous work and reflect on how you can improve if you can find and read your own notes and completed assignments.
  • Bring the proper materials to class each day: a binder with lots of lined paper, pens, and the textbook.