Bethune students LVE Math and the Math Department is dedicated to creating a culture and environment where students can flourish and succeed in their mathematical pursuits and endeavours. We strive to equip every student with a strong foundation and understanding of mathematics that will help them to be successful both now and in the future.



(The Journey is as important as the Destination!)

Starting with the new Grade 9 Destreamed Math, students make their way through this pathway, taking at least three math courses and many end up taking six.

Math flowchart





There are many opportunities for students to participate in activities to enhance their math skills and to communicate their understanding. Students can participate in mathematic contests and join the math club.



At Bethune our students enthusiastically participate in all types of math competitions (domestic and international). There are the big individual competitions like the Canadian Open Math Challenge and the Waterloo contests. There are the shorter contests like the monthly Canadian National Math League contests and the Pascal contest. Not all contests are solo affairs so our students also enjoy participating in a variety of team competitions like the Canadian Team Mathematics Contest and the Purple Comet Math Meet. Our students consistently perform well and have fun in the process! For a full list click here.



This is a student run club for those who are interested in challenging math problems & puzzles, contests, recreational mathematics and games. Students help each other to prepare for competitions, learn some new things and have fun while engaged in deep and stimulating problem solving activities.

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Every effort is made to assist students who may be experiencing difficulty in math. All math teachers are available for extra help. In addition, there is:

  • Lunch Hour Homework Help, where students can drop in for extra help and work on their math skills with members of the Math Club executive.
  • Afterschool Numeracy Program, where students receive grade specific help from teachers in a smaller group setting to address numeracy skills necessary for success in their math courses.