Continuing Education Courses

TDSB Continuing Education

Admission to Full Credit Course (Summer/Night):

  • A student must have attained a credit in the prerequisite course. Students are cautioned against taking a course such as English or Math during the summer where 20 days of instruction may not provide adequate time to proceed confidently to the following year’s work.
  • Any student wishing to use a Summer School course as their final credit for admission to university or college must ensure the university/college receives a copy of it and should inform the institution well in advance of their plans to take a course.
  • A high standard in the pre-requisite course is strongly recommended in order to be successful in an accelerated course.

Private School

Courses studied at private institutions will not automatically appear on the transcripts. A course studied at a private institution will be noted as such on all documents. We strongly advise that students speak to a counsellor if considering a private school course. The student will be responsible for any follow-up issues that may arise from earning a credit at a private institution.