Student Success at Bethune


Who do we support?:     



In need of  Academic Support

  • Our Student Success Teachers monitor and connect with students in Grades 9-10 who do not have an IEP and are in need of extra academic support. These students have been referred to us by a teacher or a member of our school support team.

In need of Transition Support 

  • Some students may have been identified by their elementary school support team to need assistance with transitioning to High School. These students are also monitored by our Student Success Team. 



  • Provide staff with suggestions/strategies for credit rescue

  • Provide organizational and instructional strategies 

  • In class support (ie. ELL lesson assistance)

  • Assessment and Evaluation Design 

(ie. built in check points on assignments or ELL friendly)

Other ways we provide assistance:

Credit Rescue Days (a school wide approach to success)

  • Designated days where all students “catch up” and get extra support with class work

  • Facilitated by subject teachers

  • No new learning is happening

  • Moratorium on evaluations (ie. tests and quizzes)

  • The entire day is dedicated to supporting students who are struggling or falling behind

  • Occurs during regular class time

  • Please check the school agenda/calendar for scheduled Credit Rescue Days

Course Based Support

GLS1O1 and GLS1O4 (Learning Strategies Course)

  • Students need to be recommended by a teacher, Guidance Counsellor or Student Success Team Member to take this course.

  • Designed for Students who may need ongoing intensive support 


RCR1O1 (Credit Recovery)

  • An opportunity to recover grade 9 and 10 credits 

  • Students must be recommended by the Credit Recovery Team to take this course

  • Students in RCR are typically recovering at least 2 courses

Tips for Success!  

Contact Us!

Ms. Barratt    (student success teacher)

Mr. Bowring    (student success teacher)

Ms. Villamin-Arenas    (ACL Student Success)