Course Profiles

Courses in the Social Science Department

Grade 9

Canadian Geography - Grade 9, Applied (CGC 1P1) or Academic (CGC 1D1)

This course builds upon students' basic understanding of Canadian geography. Students develop spatial awareness and investigate the interconnection of Canada's landforms, climates, soils and economic resources. Emphasis is placed on environmentalism, the process of change, methods of geographic enquiry and Canada's global connections.

Individual and Family Living - Grade 9, Open (HIF 1O1)

This course explores the challenges faced by all people: how to meet basic needs, how to relate to others, how to manage resources, and how to become responsible members of society. It is a family studies course which emphasizes the skills and values associated with individual and family relationships. It will also include some practical activities in food, nutrition and fashion arts.

Grade 10

Canadian History - Grade 10, Applied (CHC 2P1)

This course explores the political, social and cultural development of Canada in the period from 1914 to the present day. French-English Relations, Canadian-American Relations, Multiculturalism, and Canada and the World in War and Peace are major themes of the course. Through group and individual activities students examine Canada's past and learn about how it still affects us today.

Canadian History - Grade 10, Academic (CHC 2D1)

This course explores the political, social and cultural development of Canada in the period from 1914 to the present day. French-English Relations, Canadian-American Relations, Multiculturalism, and Canada and the World in War and Peace are major themes of the course. Academic skills in research and writing will be established for senior social science courses.

Canadian History - Grade 10, Locally Developed (CHC 2L1)

In this course, students focus on extending their literacy and communication skills to prepare for success in their daily lives, in the workplace. The content of this course focuses on identity of individuals and Canada.

Food and Nutrition - Grade 10, Open (HFN 2O1)

This family studies course deals with food, nutrition, food marketing and body image. Healthy food choices are explored along with some practical application in the kitchen. Canadian and international cooking are studied comparatively.

Civics (0.5 credit) - Grade 10, Open (CHV 2O1)

Students will learn about the elements of democracy and the meaning of democratic citizenship on the local, national and international levels. Students will be challenged to understand the importance of participation and active citizenship in Canadian society and in relation to global issues.

Grade 11

Canadian Law - Grade 11, Workplace Course (CLU 3E1)

A practical introduction to legal issues that directly affect people's lives. Students will examine the need for laws in society, the routes of Canada's legal system, the rights and freedoms that people in Canada enjoy and the basic elements of criminal law and dispute resolution. Through case studies and other activities students will develop and express opinions on legal topics of interest to them.

Managing Personal Resources - Grade 11, Workplace Course (HIP 3E1)

A very practical course in family studies emphasizing the personal and economic factors in family living.

Travel and Tourism - Grade 11, Open Course (CGG 3O1)

This course in regional geography explores the travel spots of the world and helps to prepare students for jobs in the travel, recreation and hospitality industries.

Fashion and Creative Expression - Grade 11, Open Course (HNC 3O1)

This practical course is for students who are interested in clothing, interior design and careers in fashion and decoration. Students are responsible for purchasing materials for their sewing project.

History of Africa and Peoples of African Descent - Grade 11, Open Course (CAS 3O1)

This course investigates the history of African peoples from ancient times to the present and traces their influence throughout the Diaspora with a special focus on Canada, the Caribbean and the United States. Students will analyze diverse societies and cultures with particular regard to the social, economic and political structures and historical forces that form the foundation of these communities. They will examine the influence of selected individuals and groups in Africa and the Diaspora and the innovations, inventions and ideas that have emerged in these societies and profoundly influenced world history.

Physical Geography - Grade 11, College/University Course

This geography course examines the physical earth and the forces that shape it - the evolution of our planet, natural events and disasters and present challenges to the environment.

World History to 1600 - Grade 11, College/University (CHW 3M1)

Students will take a global perspective on ancient and medieval history - from the emergence of humans through Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Chinese, Indian Mayan and European civilizations.

Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology - Grade 11, College/University (HSP 3M1)

This course is an introduction to the study and methodology of three major college and university disciplines. It is an invaluable course in understanding human behaviour and motivation.

American History - Grade 11, University Course (CHA 3U1)

A detailed academic study of our southern neighbour from colonial America through the Revolution, era of nation building, slavery and the civil war, reconstruction, and twentieth century superpower.

Grade 12

Adventures in World History - Grade 12, Workplace Course (CHM 4E1)

Students will experience a wide range of historical events and people in this course. Emphasis will be on the personalities, social, military, cultural and technological developments of the past 10 000 years.

Parenting and Human Development - Grade 12, Workplace (HPD 4E1)

With an emphasis on prenatal and early childhood development, this is both a theoretical and a practical course in parenting - for personal and career purposes.

Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society - Grade 12, College/University (HHS 4M1)

The diversity in Canadian families is examined from statistical and interpersonal perspectives. Concentration is on issues facing families throughout the family life cycle.

Analysing Current Economic Issues - Grade 12, University Course (CIA 4U1)

This is a university level preparation course for students interested in finance and economics in Canada and the World. Elements of Canada's modified free-market economic system, society's distribution of resources, and the impact of individuals and the government on the economy are all key elements of this course.

Canadian History Identity and Culture - Grade 12, University Course (CHI 4U1)

This course involves an in-depth look at what it means (and has meant in the past) to be a Canadian. More than a history course, it explores the roots of Canada's diverse cultural and political identity over the past 1000 years.

World History - The West and The World - Grade 12, University Course (CHY 4U1)

From the destruction of Cheng Ho's fleet, through the French Revolution, Imperialism in Africa and WWI, to the fall of communism in 1989, this humanities course examines the events, people, art, technology and ideas of European and world civilizations from 1700 to the present. Students learn about the emergence of the modern world and the forces - democracy, nationalism, romanticism, socialism, fascism, feminism, and others - which have shaped it.

Canadian and International Law - Grade 12, University Course (CLN 4U1)

This course examines and analyses basic principles of Canadian justice and civil rights. As well as international law issues, Canada's role in the global community and conflict resolution will be studied.

Canadian and World Issues - Grade 12, University Course (CLN 4U1)

This is a university level preparation course studying crucial issues affecting the developing and developed regions of our world. Demographic issues such as China's one child policy and Europe's declining population, to give or not to give and other foreign aid related issues, AIDS in Africa, human rights issues such as sweatshops and discrimination against women, and many other issues of our time are just a few of the highlights of this course.