LCI Clubs

  • Model UN Team:  (Mr. Koczij) Solve world problems through diplomacy, debate, and discussion. Learn valuable academic skills while role-playing and competing with other schools around Ontario and Quebec. Help organize one of the best Model UN conferences in Toronto, hosted right here at LCI. Meet creative, thoughtful, and fun students who share your interest in strategy, discussion, and world issues. Meets Mondays at lunch in room 131.
  • Woodchicks: (Mr. Lee)The woodworking club for girls is offered at lunch for all girls interested in exploring the design and build process using wood. We have a lot of fun and build some very nice projects in the wood shop. Come on out and join us for a fun lunch-time experience.
  • World Vision: (Mr. Menczel) Organizes the Holiday Food Drive, 30-hour famine, White Ribbon campaign, and runs various fundraisers to sponsor two children through World Vision. It meets Fridays at lunch in room 133.
  • Yearbook: (Ms Silverman)Responsible for designing and creating the yearbook which includes photography, graphics, layouts and write ups.
  • Drama Club: (Mr. Danakas) responsible for organizing and assisting at various Drama events such as The Play-by-the-Lake Drama Festival, Sears Drama Festival, Young Company and Main Stage.
  • SQUASH: a student-run club that brings together LGBTQ and straight students to support each other, provide a safe place to socialize, and create a platform for activism to fight homophobia and transphobia.
  • Strategy Society: (Mr. Koczij)  If you love strategy games in all their forms, the Strategy Society is for you. You will share your passion for defeating your enemy in any and all games from Chess to WarHammer, from Yu-Gi-Oh to Risk, or from Axis&Allies to StarCraft and the list goes on and on.Tuesdays after school in room 131.
  • Young Woman on the Move: (Ms Edwards) an opportunity for young woman to build positive peer relationships through participation in afterschool activities such as yoga, dance.