Math Science Technology (MST)

Math, Science and Technology (MST) Program

STEM Logo Math, Science, and Technology enthusiasts who want to design innovative solutions in their communities will be delighted to learn about the new MST program being offered at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute. With extensive Tech offerings, Lakeshore Collegiate Institute's Urban Design and Engineering program prepares students to build creative solutions in their communities. From building energy efficient scooters to ergonomic benches to green landscapes in the community, these enthusiastic learners will be engaged in developing hands-on collaborative solutions. LCI UDE Logo

Lakeshore Collegiate Institute offers a unique program that provides options for University/College/Workplace/Apprenticeship destination courses. Students discover their interests and strengths through the four years. We furnish multiple pathways enabling students to continue to follow their chosen track.

By combining math, science and technology this way in The Urban Design and Engineering program at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute, we help students develop the mindset and skills needed to become innovative builders and leaders of tomorrow.

MST Requirements 1

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