Camp Olympia

Camp Olympia

Every September all grade ten students participate in a four-day, three-night excursion to Camp Olympia.  The focus of this fun-filled trip is team building, leadership development and character education.

Camp Olympia is located between two beautiful lakes near Algonquin Park in Huntsville.  It has over 40 acres of land including 1,500 feet of waterfront, indoor and outdoor basketball courts, tennis courts, campfire circles, high ropes and lots more.

While at Olympia, students engage in a variety of activities and sports. Students stay in cabins that are led by a senior LCI student.  The senior leaders are students who have demonstrated strong leadership and communication skills. They are committed to making camp a life-changing experience for all the grade tens students.  

If a student is interested in being a senior leader, applications are available in April from Ms.Ross.  

For all current grade nines, a Camp Olympia information package will be given to the students in early June.  Permission forms, medical forms, and payment should submitted by the end of the school year.