A day in the life of...

Students from several schools have reflected on their experiences role playing an animal during the Instincts for Survival activity. Click here for one way of doing this follow up activity: "A day in the life of". The richness of these experiences was increased by students researching about their animal before they came to Mono Cliffs. This also fills the requirements of a G.R.A.S.P. activity as outlined in the Ecological Literacy section of EcoSchools.

One sample by a grade seven student from Willowdale M.S. last year is shown to the right.

Click below for two samples of student work this year from grade sixes in Jo McQuarrie’s class at Maurice Cody P.S.:

Raccoon Life

A Day in the Life of a Mouse
Students from C.H. Best Middle School explored five different ecosystems in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. They recorded (see worksheet here) what they saw around them including looking at the abiotic and biotic factors as well as human influences. Students were encouraged to take pictures during their all day hike in the park. Once they were back at school they worked with the Art teacher to create posters about the interactions that they saw focusing on the animal that they researched for Instincts for Survival.