Our students receive intensive, individualized programming and support to address multiple physical, communication, intellectual, medical and health care needs.

Every student at Sunny View has an Individual Education Plan (I.E.P.).  An I.E.P. is a plan which is written in consultation with parents and describes the program and / or services developed for an individual student.  It outlines learning expectations for the student, as well as any accommodations and special education services needed to help the student achieve the learning expectations.  It also provides a framework for communicating with parents / guardians about the student’s progress.  The I.E.P. is created to use a student’s strengths to address his / her areas of need.

Some students are on an Alternative Program where the focus is on communication, life skills, motor development, social skills, and functional academics.  Other students are working on programs based on the Ontario Curriculum but modified to meet their needs.

Many of our students have ongoing, complex physical needs.  To help the staff address these needs, all our classrooms and key areas of the school are equipped with lift systems.  We have two health care areas where students’ personal needs can be met with dignity and respect.