All Sunny View students have door-to-door bussing to and from school.  Once a student is registered at Sunny View, a transportation application form is completed and signed by the parents and then submitted to the T.D.S.B. Transportation Department.  When the student has been assigned a bus route, the bus company will contact parents with details of route number and pick-up and drop-off times.

We have several carrier bus companies that provide service for our students.  The bus company and routes are determined by the T.D.S.B. Transportation Department (not the individual bus companies) depending on where the students live.  The school has limited information in regards to the bus company or route, including pick-up and drop-off times.  Parents are encouraged to contact the appropriate carrier for specific information regarding your child’s route.

Parents are encouraged to sign-up for the TDSB Bus Planner in order to receive information regarding their child's busing information.  Parents will be notified about route updates, cancellations, or if the bus is running late.  If the school bus does not arrive at the scheduled time, the location of the school bus can be tracked through the “Where’s My Bus" tool.

TDSB Bus Planner 

School Bus Carriers

Attridge Transportation


Dignity Transportation


First Student Toronto


McCluskey Transportation


Sharp Bus Lines


Stock Transportation East


Stock Transportation North


Switzer-Carty Transportation


Wheelchair Accessible Transit


Things to Note:

Children should be dressed appropriately for the weather, even though they will get on and off the bus quickly.  Mechanical problems, traffic congestion, severe weather, or other unforeseen situations may delay a bus and the busses cool off or heat up very quickly.  In addition, there is usually more than one student on a bus so the doors are opening and closing throughout the ride.

Student safety is a top priority of TDSB.  Although it happens rarely, schools may close or bus routes may be cancelled due to severe weather or extremely cold temperatures.  Bussing cancellations and / or school closures will be posted on the Toronto District School Board website  Parents are encouraged to visit it regularly during severe weather for updates.  If bus routes are running but a parent chooses to keep their child home due to the weather,  please follow our Safe Arrival procedures and call the school as soon as possible.

Busses may be delayed for a variety of reasons.  The bus companies do everything they can to avoid delays but some circumstances are beyond their control.  We thank families in advance for their understanding and patience in these situations.

All bus companies take student safety very seriously and put policies in place to make our students journeys as safe as possible.  For this reason, bus drivers are instructed not to use their cell phones (make and / or receive calls and / or texts) while driving a route.  

It is important for families to note that bus drivers have no control about the route and cannot change route details (i.e., order of student pick-up or drop-off, streets used).  If you have a concern about your child’s route, please contact the bus company directly.