Once again the Sunny View Wheelchair Hockey team has won the Monarch Park Invitational Tournament 2008. The tournament includes elementary and secondary students. Congratulations team.

On the last Friday before Christmas Break Santa arrives on the roof at Sunny View. After circling the Adventure Centre on the roof, he quickly appears inside and greets the children individually. It is truely a magical time and a wonderful ending to our celebration of the Festivals of Light from many religions and countries.


Every year the students challenge the staff to a wheelchair hockey game. Though they were determined and fought hard the staff were defeated again this year. Better luck next year.  

Sunny View celebrates the Terry Fox School Run in its own unique way. Classes gather in the gym and students participate by doing laps around the gym in small groups using tricyles, walkers, wheelchars, whatever is most appropriate for that student while the rest of the school cheers them on. Donations collected are sent to the Terry Fox Foundation. 


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