Adventure Centre

The Adventure Centre is a gathering and fun place in our school. It is used every morning as students come off their buses waiting for the start of classes. During the day, it is used by classes for their DPA (Daily Physical Activity) allowing them a place to move freely and safely, with balls, hoops, frisbees and other objects to play with. Walkers and bikes are often used here. Ball pits are available in one corner. During morning recess and the play period at both lunches, the Adventure Centre is full of active happy students.

Assemblies and concerts are held here when a more cozy feeling is desired than is possible in the gym.

Sensory Activity tables have recently been added to the Adevnture Centre. These large tables are wheelchair accessible and each contain 4 activities: some toys operated by switches and some tactile or sound activities.

Students are beginning to become involved in the care of the plants. Smal class gardens have been planted and some flower seeds have been planted to add some colour.