Safe Arrival

Safe Arrival Program

Upon registration and at the start of each school year, all parents will be asked to provide accurate, complete, and current contact information, including telephone numbers (home, cellular, and/or work), email addresses (if available), and home address.  Parents will also be asked to provide an emergency contact such as a relative or neighbour.  It is important for parents to let the school know if their contact information changes during the school year.

If a student is going to be absent or late for any reason, parents are asked to contact the school immediately and report the absence (416-393-9275, option 1).  A message can be left at any time so parents don’t need to wait for school hours to report their child’s absence.

Quite often, parents will let their child’s teacher know about an absence.  While our teachers appreciate this communication, parents are asked to also notify the school office of the absence as staff is not always able to get messages to the office in a timely manner.

Each morning, the school will identify the students whose parents have already contacted the school or who have arrived late. The school will then attempt to contact the parents of each student who is absent for reasons unknown.  If the parents cannot be reached, the school will attempt to reach the emergency contact.

Sunny View is somewhat unique in the fact that all of our students are bussed to school.  However, our commitment is to student safety and so we will follow the Safe Arrival program for all unexplained absences.

Please note that, in addition to the Safe Arrival program, it is necessary for the school office to have parents’ current contact information in case of an illness or emergency.