Gym Gym 

Physical Education / Physical Management

Physical activity is essential for the strength and wellbeing of our students. Our gym is large enough to accommodate students in wheelchairs and walkers, allowing for all students to participate in the program.  Classes in the gym are a combination of students on a modified Physical Education curriculum and an alternative Physical Management program.  Both programs incorporate a variety of activities.  Students can be involved in cooperative games, such as volleyball, hockey, curling, bowling, or t-ball.  Students might participate in skill-based activities, relays, and circuit activities using adaptive equipment and accommodations to meet their individual needs and abilities, with adult support when needed.

The Physical Education / Management programs are developed in collaboration with our Occupational / Physiotherapists.  A therapist will meet and assess each student and offer recommendations for adaptive equipment and exercises, including walkers, tricycles, self-propelling standers, stretching on mats, or using the lift system and slings, to promote student strength, range of motion, and weight bearing.  There is a variety of equipment for students to use, including turtles, plasma cars, toy cars and vans, as well as oversized balls, sensory objects and balls, and a variety of circuit equipment.

The gym is also an option for some students as a lunchtime activity space.