Adventure Centre

The Adventure Centre

The Adventure Centre is at the heart of Sunny View.  Located in the centre of the building, this area was originally an open courtyard that has been covered with a roof of windows, allowing it to be usable year-round.  It is a bright, welcoming gathering space for assemblies, choir, performances, presentations, and special events.  Every morning, students join their classmates and friends here to start off the day.  During the day, it is used by classes for physical activities, allowing them a place to move freely and safely.  Walkers and bikes are often used here.   During morning and lunch recesses, this space is available for students and is full of active, happy students.

Sensory Activity tables can be found in the Adventure Centre.  These large tables are wheelchair accessible and each contain cause-and-effect or sensory activities, including toys operated by switches and some tactile or sound activities.     

Thanks to a generous donation from Ronald McDonald Children's Charities, Sunny View has a Snoezelen Play Area in the Adventure Centre, complete with ball pits, creative play materials such as masks and stuffed animals, and mats. The soft mats in a variety of shapes allow for creative and safe play.

Students are involved in the care of the wide range of plants and fish that can be found in the Adventure Centre and take pride in maintaining this bright and welcoming space.

Throughout the week before the December break, all classes are involved in presentations recognizing and highlighting the cultural celebrations at that time of year.  On the Friday before the break, a special guest arrives on the roof at Sunny View. After circling the Adventure Centre on the roof, he quickly appears inside and greets the children individually.  It is a wonderful ending to our celebration of the Festivals of Light from many religions and countries.