Swimming pool


We are very fortunate at Sunny View to have two pools.  There are two swim instructors on our staff and a variety of swim itinerant instructors who come daily.  For the comfort of our students, each pool is heated to 90 degrees.  Our change rooms are fully accessible and equipped with ceiling lifts.  To get our students in and out of the pools, we have water chairs and tables and a lift with slings.

Every class is scheduled to visit the pool at least once per week.  Time in the pool has many benefits for our students, including improving strength, balance, range of motion and joint flexibility, and overall fitness.  Being in warm water can decrease pain, tone, spasticity, and rigidity.  Because of this, the pool is often used as part of a student’s pain management program.  As appropriate, some of our students learn about water safety and basic swim skills.  Many of our students love to challenge themselves in the pool to see how much they can accomplish and to develop their fitness and athleticism.