Gross Motor Development

Muscles In Motion

The Muscles in Motion area is used in conjunction with our Physical Education / Management program and provides students with another large space to be physically active.  Whether the students are in or out of their wheelchairs or ambulatory, this area has a variety of equipment, activities, and stations for students to develop and improve their core strength, range of motion, balance, and gross motor skills. The exercises are modified and tailored to meet the specific needs of each student. Muscles in Motion is equipped with a small staircase, parallel bars, swings, trampoline, sensory light wall station, oversized exercise balls, exercise mats, wedges, wall arm trike machine, step blocks, yoga balls, and sensory activities. For students who can tolerate some weight-bearing, they can use the Hopsa Dress and ceiling track system so they can independently move around the room while being fully supported.  The swings and trampoline are often used to help students self-regulate when they are agitated and need to calm themselves.

Primary Gross Motor Room

This room was specifically designed for the primary student population at Sunny View School to promote and develop their gross motor skills and needs in a small-scale setting.  The floor is covered with gym mats and has a variety of equipment for the students to climb, walk, crawl, roll, and slide, including a small ball pit, oversized mat, tunnels, climbing mat, and a slide.  Like many areas of the school, the Primary Gross Motor Room has a Hopsa Dress track system so students can be physically supported while they walk independently.  This room allows for exploratory play and skill building while students are socializing with their peers and developing their communication skills.