Physical and Sensory-Motor Equipment

Most of our students require some type of specialized equipment in order to meet their learning goals and be safe at school.

Many of our students use wheelchairs.  Through consultation with the Occupational / Physiotherapists, teachers and support staff focus on promoting the development of gross motor skills while ensuring participation in programming, exercises and activities such as crawling, standing, or walking.  Specialized equipment, such as standers and walkers, are often used to support the students during these activities.

Some of our students that have difficulties with sensory processing (for example, students diagnosed with Autism) may require specialized equipment to promote successful participation at school  Specialized equipment may be used to help students regulate themselves and meet their sensory needs, such as vision, hearing, touch, taste, smell, need for movement, need for deep pressure, and internal regulation.  This equipment may include, but is not limited to, swings, bean bag chairs, music, pressure vests, oral motor toys, bubble tubes, light columns, and fidget toys.  Equipment is used in conjunction with programming modifications and/or environmental accommodations to promote student success.