Snoezelen Room

A Snoezelen room is a specifically designed space that incorporates all of the senses.  The room can be relaxing or stimulating depending on a student’s sensory needs.  It can help reduce anxiety and agitation through the use of gentle light, soothing sounds, relaxing smells, gentle vibrations, relaxation areas, tactile sensations, and aromatherapy.  The room can also engage students by stimulating their senses, developing a student’s understanding of cause and effect, encouraging communication, and heighten sensory awareness.

Special thanks to 25 branches of the Scotiabank who raised the money for this very special room for our students.

Going into the Snoezelen room, students can explore a variety of tactile objects.

Once inside, students can engage and interact with lighted bubble tubes, mirrors, panels with light patterns, a ball pit, tactile materials, and fibre optic light strands. If they need a quiet space, a relaxing chair is suspended from the ceiling and covered with sheepskin and a mattress is set into the floor.  Staff utilize the Snoezelen room with individual and small groups of students throughout the day.