Art Apps

Draw with Stars!

*tap or drag to create picture with stars

*animation and audio

Doodle Buddy

*draw with finger

*can put in a background, add stamps and letters

Fingerpaint Lite

*draw with finger

*can adjust line width

*colour palette on screen to change colour

Glow Colouring

*draw with finger

*can change colour, add shapes

Glow Paint

*draw with finger

*can adjust brush width, glow intensity and colour

Meritum Paint

*draw with finger

*feathery line, variety of colours

Finger Paint Glow

*draw with finger

*can adjust brush width and colour

Tumblevision Kaleidoscope

*kaleidoscope picture that changes when touched

*can change the design and add background music

Fluid Monkey

*movement on screen changes visual display

Doodle Dots

*join dots, shapes, numbers or fruit as requested to make a picture