Language Apps

Preschool Colours

*names colour shown the gives an object in the colour

Letter Tracer preschool letter writing practice

*upper and lower case letter

* can choose colour

*marks go outside lines


*dress child in items of clothing for doctor, firefighter or policeman

Bla Bla Bla

*choose face which is activated by sound

*any sound makes face move

Little Speller     3 letter words


*arrange the letters to make the word   picture and audio given

*namesletters as touched

See Touch Learn

*can create your own lesson

*sets of pictures given on a theme   respond to the prompt

Reading Skill

3 letter words

*gives sounds for blending

*does not show letters

ABC Magic

* gives sound for each letter

*letter and picture shown for each

ABC Magic 2

* gives sound for each letter

*letter and 4 pictures and named shown for each

ABC Magic 3

*match items starting with the same sound

*name given for each picture

ABC Magic 4

Sound Matching

*3 levels 3,6, or 9 objects, 1, 2, or 3 sounds

*match object to initial sound

*some objects do not belong


Photo Touch Sight Words

*touch word following audio clue

*starts with 3 options and increases

ABCs and Me

*colours, vehicles, 8 activities: letters, numbers, shapes,  full alphabet,

Things that Go Together

*match items that belong together

*starts with 4 and increases

ABC Tracing

*trace letters

*can choose letter


* match items with the opposite

What’s Different?

*find the picture out of 4 that is different

ABC Phonics Animal Writing

*trace letters and words

Baby Apps: all in 1

*uses pictures of objects

*tap to hear name or sound

*4 activities: typing

Abc Pocket Phonics lite: letter sounds & writing + first words

*Say and write letters

*audio clues

* must wrIte in prescribed pattern

Letters A to Z

*touch cards to hear sound and name of letter plus object

Make a Word

*choose letter to complete word using picture clues

*can change word by adding silent e

*audio reinforcement

ABC Alphabet Phonics- Preschool

*Asks touch the _________(letter)

*audio reinforcement

Spell and Fill

*fill in the letter missing in words

Locabulary Lite

*communication device but with visual cues

*make phrases by tapping words

Kid Genius

*13 activities using flash cards, alphabet, numbers, math, vocabulary

Alphabet Tracing

*upper and lower case letters plus numbers for tracing

*shows shape, then trace over dots

*can write anywhere

iWriteWords Lite

*trace letters to spell words or do the alphabet

* number for counting

Touch and Learn ABC Alphabet and 123 numbers

*displays 4 letters or numbers

*auditory request given to touch a specific one


A to Z

*shows an item for each letter

*audio and animation

Elmo Loves ABCS

*variety of activities, choose letter then trace, colour, uncovering items

*some video clips included

Sentence Builder

*choose words/phrases to go with picture

Make a Word

*build words

*individual letter sounds given

*can choose capital or lower case

*word list available 3 & 4 letter words

Montessori Crossword

*build words

*whole alphabet shown, picture plus audio

*blends included

Little Speller Sight Words


*simple words are read, scrambled letters are rearranged

Easy Concepts

*3 activities: animal sixes, underwater sequencing, before & after farm

*audio clues given, touch an object