Matching Apps

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Animal Memory Match

*can choose number of players, cards and number of cards for match

*tap cards to turn over and find match

*pictures are small

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*match pairs of cards with the same image

*can set for animals, transportation, letter or numbers

*3 levels, easy is 3 by 4 array

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*sound and music option           

*cards small

*choice of animals or Christmas in free version, others available for purchase

3 Pigs Matching

*matching game based on the 3 pigs story

*4 by 5 array

Match it up 1

*1-1 correspondence

*2 sets currently available

Match it up 2


*match sections of object, object to silhouette

Match it up 3


*match food to animal, add missing part

Match Animals


*concentration game matching animals

*has animal sounds

Balloons Tap and Learn

*tap colour balloon requested, will not move on until all are found

*games using comlours, numbers and animals



*9 different types of activities

*only some levels available for each activity

Montessori Matching Board

*match shapes, numerals, letters, *starts with 2 items and increases number patterns

Match ABC


*concentration game matching letters and numerals

Clean up

*sort objects placing them in the basket (food), toybox or closet

*visual and reinforcement

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Little Red Riding Hood Match Game Story

*matching game with 5 by 4 array