Math Apps

MathBoard Addition

*can purchase other operations

*can set many variables for problems and time

*5 possible answers to chose from

*can write out problem to solve at side

*will provide prompts (addition table, breakdown of steps

Toddler Colours

* tap screen to change colours


Toddler Puzzle Shapes

*match shapes by dragging


Finger Count

*counts objects by touching them

Finger Count Lite

*no visual on screen to start, numbers appear as touch screen

Candy Count


* Sort candies into bags by colour, then count

*can make choices regarding number of items and colours used

Count TV

*9 counting videos

*interactive,  requires counting

Animals Counting

*count animals the choose correct numeral from 3

*gives animal name

*audio reinforcement

Dots for Tots

*connect the dots to make shapes

Kids Math Fun

*choose from 4 answers  to answer addition and subtraction

*can set amount of time allowed and number of problems

*double dare option= find missing number in question

Math Blaster

*move ipad from side to side to move rocket, then shoot spaceship with correct answer to math question

KidCalc 7 in 1 Math Fun

*5 activities: =,-, tracing, counting by multiples (2, 5, 10)

AB Math

Lite version

*calculations in addition and multplication    choose correct numbers

*bubbles  tap numbers from smallest to largest

Math Drills Lite

*addition,  multiplication and division  , number line given

Domino Math

*variety of activities (not all active)

>,<,=, calculations (+,-)

Feel Clock

*analogue clock with hands that can be rotated

*time is shown

Splash Math 1


*place value  and number comparison

*multiple choice

Splash Pad 2


*place value and number sense

Five Sharks Swimming

*3 counting activities


Math Expert

*addition and subtraction games, one of each