Snoezelen Room

A Snoezelen room is a favourable, non-threatening environment with a focus on leisure. Relaxation is promoted through gentle stimulation of the senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and movement. It is not goal -oriented so there is less pressure on the user.

The entrance hall is covered with a variety of tactile objects

Mirrors and lights share the space with a bubble tube.

The ball pit in the black light room.  Lights from the bottom glow through the clear balls.  Quiet music and moving lights add to the atmosphere.

A relaxing chair is suspended from the ceiling and covered with sheepskin. Behind it are panels with light patterns on them.


A variety of light panels and tactile materials decorate the walls.

A waterbed is set into the floor and surrounded by tubes of light, bubble tubes and mirrors.

The same area in use with the room lights off and special lights on.

A fibre optic curtain covers the entrance to the main room.

Fibre optic lights blanket a child in the water bed.

Special thanks to 25 branches of the Scotiabank who raised the money for this very special room for our students.

Thanks to the generous donation from Ronald McDonald Children's Charities, Sunny View also has a Snoezelen Play Area in the Adventure Centre complete with ball pits, creative play materials such as masks and stuffed animals and mats.

The ball pits in our Snoezelen play area.  The soft mats in a variety of shapes allow for creative and safe play.

The students are able to use these creative play areas during class time and during the play periods after lunch.