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Free Websites Suitable for Low Incidence Students

  I.                    Programs Requiring Mouse Movements:


Primary Focus / Description

Content / Activities




An early literacy website, with a heavy emphasis on phonics instruction

-Letter-sound correspondences
-Phoneme blending
-Sight words
-Word families
-Talking books

-Designed primarily for Grade 1
-Also suitable for JK/SK,  struggling readers, English language learners

-Animated graphics
-Motivating for kids
-Not designed for switch access
Search for Real e-fun books

Animated, phonics-based storybooks and some songs designed by Montessori educators

-Focus on early phonics, basic sight words, word families, simple sentences

-Children 3-5 years
-Also suitable for older students with special needs

-Books are ~1-3 minutes long
-Words reviewed at end of the story
Click on: ‘Go to home’ à ‘Playground’ à  ‘Games’

On-line games based on the Australian TV show.

-Music, matching games, colouring

-Designed for preschoolers-Suitable for older students with special needs

-Good for working on mouse control

ZAC stands for: Zone for Autistic Children
-An internet browser / launching program for children with Autism

-Music, books, games, videos


-Designed for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 
-Also suitable for young children and some older students with special needs

-Free download

Click on ‘Books &  Stories’ ? Read-A-Story ? Tumblebooks Library ? Story Books

“Talking e-books for e-kids”
-Can be located by author (e.g., Robert Munsch), title or theme (e.g., holidays, art,  school, numbers/letters, health/safety, nature, sports/activities).

-Popular picture story books with digitized speech and animated pictures (e.g., Robert Munsch books read by Munsch himself!); Some books have relevant puzzles and language activities (e.g., Verb Whack, Sentence Comprehension)

-Kindergarten – Grade 5
-Can be accessed via a switch if click on ‘manual’ and leave cursor on ‘next page’ icon.


-Can turn voice off for silent reading
-Some books available in other languages (French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian)

A fun collection of leisure-based software from Inclusive Technology Ltd.


-Games (e.g., Snakes & Ladders: for up to 6 players, Gophers, Big Bang Bugs)
-Creative Play (Making Music, Make a Snowman/Animal, Scribbling, Colouring,
-Find Out About (e.g., Calculator)

-Designed for young children and those with learning difficulties

-Creative Play is good for early mouse movements; some games require click and drag movements



II.  Programs Accessible with a Keyboard, Mouse Click, or Switch (with a switch interface box):

Primary Focus / Description

Content / Activities




Cause-effect software:
Talking books developed in PowerPoint with coloured photos and pictures, including animated graphics

-Nursery Rhymes
-Story Books / Classic Fairy Tales
-Community Living
-Basic Numeracy

-Designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
-Also suitable for young children & older children with special needs

-Can delete slides or background music in PowerPoint
-Accessed by a space bar or a switch

Simple cause-effect software

-Music maker
-Make things move (e.g., fish, vehicles)
-Alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes

-Designed for very young children (as young as 9 months)
-Also suitable for older students with special needs

-Can press any key to play
-Provides repetition
Click on ‘English Pages’ ? ‘Game Pages’

Games, exercises and stories for rehabilitation, teaching, and recreation



-First Games (cause/effect)
-Memory Games

-Designed for students with physical disabilities
-Also suitable for DD  and young children learning to use a mouse

-Switch or mouse accessible

A fun collection of leisure-based software from Inclusive Technology Ltd.

-Games (e.g., Pop Bubbles, Hoop Stars, Big Bang Patterns / Pictures Catch the Crocs)
-Stories/Songs (e.g., 5 Little Monkeys)
-Creative Play (Train Tracker, Mosaic Painter)
-Find Out About (e.g., Talking Clock)

-Designed for young children and those with learning difficulties
-Suitable for DD and PD, as some activities are switch accessible

-Many, but not all,  activities are switch accessible
-British accent in stories

Switch software for individuals with special needs

-On-screen toys / Games
-Story Builder
-Learning 2-switch scanning


-Single switch or 2-switch users


-Free downloads  terminate after 10-20 runs but can be downloaded again
Click on  ‘Accessible Books’

Under "Our Students"
à ‘Download Free Books for You’

A collection of teacher and student-made talking books created in Clicker 5 or Power Point.

-Switch accessible talking books related to literacy and thematic/curricular units (e.g., ABC Rap for Boy/Girls, Sports,  A Book about Egypt)

-Designed for students with special needs at pre-primer to Grade 3 reading levels
 Developed by: Center for Literacy and Disability Studies and the Dept. of
          Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Switch-accessible talking books for “beginning readers of all ages”

-Can select books by rating or topic (e.g., alphabet, animals, art, biographies, fairy tales, fiction, health, history, holidays, math/science, nursery rhymes, people/places, poetry, sports)

-PD / DD across the ages, including mature themes for high school students (same sex relationships, alcohol, teenage pregnancy)

- Important to preview books;
-While some are rated C for ‘Caution’, others might be inappropriate.

Compiled by Shari Fronda, Speech-Language Pathologist, Reg. CASLPO, Toronto District School Board, December 2009