Thistletown CI and School Council

  • Promote parental involvement in our school by providing a voice for parents and an opportunity for sharing information concerning our school, community and board issues;
  • Make recommendations to the principal or school board on any matter that affects student learning in meaningful way;
  • Advocate on behalf of students and the school through regular contact with the Board Trustees, Administrators and other schools in our area

Benefits of Being a Member of School Council:

  • Be an important partner in education
  • Be a valued member of the school and school Board community
  • Be a good role model
  • Contribute to the shared goal of ensuring continued excellence in education and the effective operation of schools
  • Have the opportunity to provide your input on school related issues
  • Have greater influence in education at the school, Board and provincial levels
  • Make a difference in the education of your child and other children in your community