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Mathematics Department


Our department is committed to excellence in teaching. In order to meet the demands of our ever changing world where our students will strive, they will require critical thinking and problem solving skills. That is what the math department at TCI is providing our students. We work as a team to make sure that an inclusive and respectful learning environment is created for all students. Real life applications are incorporated in everyday math learning. Furthermore, new technological applications are applied so students can effectively learn mathematics. 


We are continuing to enhance our teaching practices that put our students as the center of focus. We support and provide guidance to our students by encouraging them to continue taking senior level mathematics courses, as we know this opens many doors and opportunities in post-secondary education programs and trades after graduation. 

The Math Department at TCI participates in all Math contests organized by the University of Waterloo and our math students receive medals and recognition. 

Also, working closely with the Tech Department, our math students are successfully progressing towards the red seal for the ICT SHSM Program. They are continuing to participate in various First Robotics Tournaments province wide. 

Our Mathematics Department is offering numerous Gr. 9-12 math courses, including gifted and enriched math programs. Students have the opportunity to apply to be part of our enriched programs. 


Supporting Math Learning programs:

  • Extra help from all math teachers

Our math teachers are available for math help during scheduled times. 


  • Math Club:

The Mathematics Department is running a Math Club as per the following schedule

Monday and Wednesday at lunch

Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm.


  • Online Extra Help  

Thistletown CI has a full subscription licence to, an online math practicing and learning resource. All our grade 9 and 10 students have 24/7 access, which gives them a great opportunity to practice their math skills and helps fill in any math learning gaps. Parents and students can track their learning progress through a summarised report generated by IXL.  


Login here to IXL if you are a student in Thistletown CI.

If you do not have a username and password please see Mr. Kokthi (ACL of Mathematics)

All math classrooms are fully equipped with the latest technology, in order to support learning through the most effective instructional approach. 

Parents may also access all the learning resources provided to the student through Google Classroom App.


   • T – transfer course
   • LDCC – locally developed compulsory credit course


Department Staff

Adrian Kokthi

Assistant Curriculum Leader

Manikya Ayalasomayajula

Mathematics Teacher

Craig Kellymaharaj

Mathematics and Science Teacher

Carlene Campbell

Mathematics and Accounting Teacher

Benjamin Stevenson

Mona Gupta