Music Department

Music study is intended to develop students’ understanding and appreciation of music through a focus on practical skills and creative work. Students will find in music a source of enjoyment and personal satisfaction and will gain creative problem-solving skills, individual and cooperative work habits, knowledge of themselves and others, a sense of personal responsibility, and connections to their communities and future careers. Students develop their awareness of the elements of music (pitch – melody, harmony, and tonality; duration – beat, metre, rhythm, and tempo; dynamics and other expressive controls; timbre; texture; and form) and apply them to create and perform works that are related to their personal interest and experience. Students also refer to the elements of music when reviewing, evaluating, and reflecting and commenting on their own and others’ creative work. Performance technique and an understanding of theory are of major importance for music students and are repeated in the expectations for music courses. Through informal presentations and more formal performances, students not only develop their technique but also use music to communicate their aesthetic and personal values. By experiencing, analysing, and commenting on the performances of others, students enhance their understanding of the values of other musicians and cultures.  

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Department Staff

Martin Van De Ven

Music Teacher