Student Administrative Council

Student Councils are the foundation of school spirit in school. SAC organizes many exciting activities and fundraisers for the school and community. SAC  also serve as the voice of students by representing each student in the school. 




Junior Vice-President:                 


Social Convenor:                          


Leadership Director:                    

Public Relations:                          

Publicity Director:                        

Technical Director:                       


Associate members:               

Staff Advisor:                        Ms. Kharotia

SAC Events:

1.    W.A.W.A:  A week full of fun activities for Grade 9 which allows them to bond and cooperate with new students.

2.    Albion Hills: Albion is a weekend camping trip where Gr. 9s and the S.A.C. members go to develop leadership qualities and learn various skill sets.

3.    Dance: The dance is an event where students and teachers mingle with one another and have fun time.

4.    Fundraisers:
Car Wash: This event gives the neighbourhood community a chance to visit T.C.I. and get their cars washed. Council raises money to be used in future events.
Bake sale: The culinary program is given a chance to make food for the school and the council sell the food to raise money.
Cuts 4 Cancer: In this event, girls get their hair cut for cancer and guys shave their head. The proceeds of this event go to the Princess Margaret Foundation.
Spelltics: This is a Thistletown event where feeder schools visit T.C.I. and participate in a spelling bee. This provides the feeder school students an opportunity to see TCI closely in action.  
Santa Pictures: Holiday festivities and pictures with Santa.
Whack-A-Sac: This event provides students with an opportunity to let out stress and whack S.A.C members in the face with pies. It raises money for the school and is entertaining.
S.A.C. BBQ: Members of council are given a chance to host an event. They hold a Barbecue sale for the whole school.
Semiformal: This event is to let out stress after first semester exams. It is a night where students go to a banquet hall and enjoy a full course meal with a photo booth and much more.
Grad Breakfast: This is a chance to relive the precious moments of the past Grade 12s had at T.C.I. before they graduate.
Staff Appreciation: In this event, TCI staff is appreciated by recognizing their hard work and dedication to students through a token of thanks.
Student Auction: Teachers bid money to buy students who could then assist them in various fields of work.
Rose- O-Grams: Students can show appreciation and love toward other students in the TCI family by purchasing roses for them (Valentine Event)
Bunny Grams: Similar to Rose-O-Grams, however students buy chocolate bunnies and this is an Easter event.