TCI points criteria

Students are awarded TCI points for their participation in any of the five following areas:

  • Contests,
  • Citizenship/Service,
  • Events,
  • Clubs/Organizations

The staff advisor for any of the above, completes a form by listing the students involved in above organization and the number of points they deserve according to their contribution. Please note that points cannot be awarded for any activity that is included as part of coursework or for which the student is paid.


For your reference:


Contests can include the following: Subject-based contests, Urban Voices, Skills Olympics, etc. Maximum Points: 10 for winning, 5 for participation

Citizenship/Service can include the following: Good Citizenship, Honour Roll, Breakfast Program, TCI Ambassadors, etc. Maximum Points: 20

Events can include the following: Days of Significance, Arts Night, Multicultural Show, Music concerts, Cuts for Cancer, etc. Maximum Points: 20

Clubs/Organizations can include the following: Drama Club, Prom Committee, ESP Committee, Step Up for Change, Yearbook, Library Helpers, Environmental Committee, Pipers, Tech Crew, etc. Maximum Points: 20 per club


SAC/TAC/TEC: Maximum Points: 80