Visual Arts


Thistletown’s Visual Art program includes NAC 1O1 (An arts-based course that explores Indigenous Cultures, Nations, and issues), and comprehensive Visual Art courses from grades 10-12 (AVI 2O1, AVI 3M1, AVI 4M1).  Each course includes a drawing unit, a painting unit, a ceramic sculpture unit, and other media such as digital illustration/photo manipulation, and printmaking.

The program is designed to develop and deepen technical and creative skills in each medium. There are opportunities for students to extend their knowledge and abilities above and beyond the expectations of each unit according to their level of ability and interest. Students also learn about the pathways into the arts and arts-integrated careers via apprenticeship and/or post-secondary education.

The Visual Art program also challenges students to understand the work of a variety of artists and media including but not limited to the international art movements and styles (historical and current), the masters of the traditional canon of  Western art, and the works of Indigenous artists (who are members of a First Nation, Metis, or Inuit). Students also learn to analyze and interpret these works.

Department Staff

Martin Van De Ven

Visual Arts Teacher