Drama study provides students with an opportunity to take on roles and to create and enter into imagined worlds. They learn in a unique way about themselves, the art of drama, and the world around them. Students engage in social interaction and collaboration as they create, perform, and analyse drama. Through informal presentations and more formal performances, students use drama to communicate their aesthetic and personal values. Students develop their awareness and use of the elements of drama (role/character, relationship, time and place, focus and emphasis, and tension) to create drama works that are related to their personal interests and experience. In these courses, they will experience being performer, audience, playwright, technician, designer, and critic. By communicating in both their real and imagined worlds, students acquire proficiency in listening, speaking, questioning, and problem solving. Through the process of taking on roles, students develop and express empathy for people in a wide range of situations. They develop the ability to interpret and comment on a range of drama works and activities and evaluate their own and others’ creative work.

Department Staff

Spyridoula Agathos 

Assistant Curriculum Leader