Student Success

Every student deserves the opportunity to build on their strengths.

Students can customize their high school experience around learning that’s relevant to them.
There are now More Ways to Succeed in High School than ever before!

1 Courses focussed towards a career. Through our Specialist High Skills Majors programs in the Arts and Hospitality

2 Earning more credits through workplace experience through our Expanded Cooperative Education Program 

3 Help for struggling students and those who have left our school through the Lighthouse Projects

4 E-learning and technological education courses

5 Individualized attention and caring 

6 Earning high school and post-secondary credits like the Dual Credit Program and SWAC Program

7 Adjusting to high school with our Grades 7, 8, 9 Transition activities

Department Staff

Mia Hadziahmetovic

ACL Student Success & Guidance Counsellor