Commencement Awards

                                                                                Award Description




The OSSTF Award

Awarded to a graduating student demonstrating excellence in academics and who has actively contributed to school life and the community


Lieutenant Governor’s Award

For a student who has shown an exemplary contribution through volunteer activity


School Citizenship Award

Awarded to a student who has demonstrated generosity, maturity, respect, and responsibility

Trophy and Plaque plus cash

Thistletown Alumni Spirit Award

Awarded to a graduating student who has at least three years involvement with the SAC or TAC and/or has performed an exceptional amount of volunteer hours within the community and/or has participated to a high degree in at least two years of out of school competitions and/or has engaged in activities which enhance the image of TCI within the community


John Edmund Baker Award (3)

Awarded to three graduating students


The John Hastings Bursary

For a Hospitality student who has excelled while overcoming many challenges


TCI College Award





Awarded to the graduating student with the highest grade average entering a college program




Valedictory Award

Awarded to a graduating student who exemplifies school spirit by contribution to activities, example for and behaviour to others, leadership and scholarship


Principal’s Plaque

For exemplary leadership, scholarship and character


Class of ’63 Award

For a Grade 10 student displaying excellence in character, scholarship, and contribution to school life. The three-year bursary will be repeated in the student’s Grade 11 and 12th year

$75 a year for three years

The Highland Award

For a student who has shown outstanding work in their final year



Presented to the outstanding male in the senior grades of the school on the basis of scholarship, leadership and character

$100 and a Thistlestick


Presented to the outstanding female in the senior grades of the school on the basis of scholarship, leadership and character

$100 and a Thistlebowl

The Geoffrey and Edith Wood Memorial Scholarship

For students with the greatest financial need and limited access to financial assistance.


The Mary Jane Deeth Award.

“For achievement in the Arts and Creative Writing.”  Only one award winner – either male or female – in financial need.







The James K. Buckley Scholarship

For a student who has studied drama, art, classical music, poetry, or dance, and intends to pursue these studies at a post-secondary institution


Peter Lowe Memorial Scholarship

Awarded to a successful student in Grade 11 or 12 Transportation Technology, showing an interest in pursuing a career in the Automotive Industry


Alice Gray Memorial Award

For exceptional work in  Senior History

Book from Social Science

Ontario Co-op Education Awards (2)

Awarded to the top two students in Co-op education


Grade 12 English Essay Award



Musician of the Year Award



Thistletown C.I. Art Award

For the best contribution to the school in senior Art


Thistletown C.I. Drama Award

For the best contribution to the school in senior Drama


Thistletown C.I. Music Award

For the best contribution to the school in senior Music











C.T. Marsden Award

Awarded to a graduating student who has demonstrated excellence in Business Studies


Governor General’s Award (First General Proficiency)

For the highest overall average


Second General Proficiency

For the second highest overall average


Senior Mathematician Award

Awarded to a student who demonstrated exemplary work in senior level Mathematics courses


Senior Scientist Award

Awarded to a student who demonstrated exemplary work in senior sciences


Senior Technical Proficiency

For excellence in the study of technical subjects


The Ester and Clarke       De Shaw Award

In memory of my parents who were struggling farmers facing constant setbacks, but who were highly literate and ensured their children were educated. Awarded to two TCI students going on to a post-secondary program who have worked hard to overcome obstacles on the way to their diplomas. 

$250 X 2











The following awards are given to students who excelled academically in their overall performance and/or in a specific subject area.


ONTARIO SCHOLARS– Awarded by the Province of Ontario to students with an average of 80%.



Grade 12 First General Proficiency and Governor General’s Medal – Highest overall average

Grade 12 Second General Proficiency – Second highest overall average



Proficiency in Dramatic Arts                      

Proficiency in Visual Arts

Proficiency in Dance

Proficiency in Music 

Proficiency in Financial Accounting Principles


Proficiency in Canadian and International    Law 

Proficiency in Canadian and World Issues 

Proficiency in World History: The West and the World 

Proficiency in College Level English 

Proficiency in University Level English 

Proficiency in English Writer’s Craft 

Proficiency in Food and Nutrition Sciences                  

Proficiency in Individuals and Families 

Proficiency in Challenge and Change in Society 

Proficiency in French 

Proficiency in College and Apprenticeship Mathematics 

Proficiency in Advanced Functions 

Proficiency in Mathematics of Data Management 

Proficiency in Calculus and Vectors 

Proficiency in Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life 

Proficiency in Recreation and Fitness Leadership 

Proficiency in Healthy Active Living Education 

Proficiency in Personal and Fitness Activities        

Proficiency in Biology 

Proficiency in University Level Physics 

Proficiency in College Level Physics         

Proficiency in University Level Chemistry 

Proficiency in College Level Chemistry 

Proficiency in Architectural Design 

Proficiency in Communications Technology 

Proficiency in Construction Technology 

Proficiency in Construction Engineering Technology 

Proficiency in Computer Engineering Technology               

Proficiency in Photography 

Proficiency in TV, Video and Movie Production     

Proficiency in Hospitality and Tourism Workplace 

Proficiency in Hospitality and Tourism Apprenticeship 

Proficiency in Hospitality and Tourism College 

Proficiency in Transportation Technology: Auto Service 

Proficiency in Hair styling and Aesthetics