·      The exam moratorium will begin 7 days prior to the first day of  exams. During the moratorium, students will not be taken out of  the classroom for field trips, practices, or other activities under  the control of the school staff, with the exception of student  participation  in competitive schedules beyond our control.  

·      The 7 days prior to the exam will be used mainly for exam review and preparation. Work intended as review activities, such as quizzes or
note taking practice, may be assigned and evaluated during this time. No new work should be taught 4 days (or less)   prior to the start of any final evaluation (including culminating activities) for any course.

Examination Regulations

It is the student's responsibility to be in the right place at the right time. Students who are late for an examination will be allowed to write for the balance of the time remaining only. Be outside the exam room at least 10 minutes before the start of the exam. When the supervising teacher calls you in, leave all coats, books, notes, bags, etc. at the front of the exam room, unless the teacher gives you other instructions. Coats, bags, etc. are best left in lockers. Take nothing to your seat that is not necessary for the exam. Exception: Students may take a bottle of water into the exam room.

Read your exam schedule carefully and write your exam times into your agenda or n a calendar. If you miss an exam because you mistake the time or date, you will not be allowed to rewrite it,

Absence from an exam: 
Students who are absent from an examination for medical reasons must bring a doctor's certificate covering the absence. The doctor's certificate must state the date(s) of illness and must state that the student was unable to write on the date(s). The certificate should be given to a Vice-Principal in the main office before the last day of exams. Upon receipt, arrangements will be made for the student to write another exam. It is important to note that an acceptable medical certificate does not exempt a student from writing an examination.

Students who miss an exam for other valid reasons such as a death in the immediate family or a court appointment should contact their Vice-Principal as soon as possible. A student who misses a required examination without a medical certificate or other verifiable valid reason will receive a mark of zero on the examination. This exam mark will be combined with the student's term mark to produce the final mark in the course.

Textbooks are to be returned according to the instructions of your subject teacher. If they are to be returned at the exam room, follow the supervising teacher's instructions as to where to place them. Textbooks not returned at the exam may be returned in person to the teacher during exam week or on the mini-cycle morning when final marks are given out.

It is the student's responsibility to bring pens, pencils, erasers, mathematical instruments, and any other equipment required for the exam. Do not ask the supervising teacher or the office to provide these materials for you.

Writing the exam: 
Write on one side only of the foolscap, write legibly, and make sure that your name is on every sheet. You may not share or pass any items (calculators, erasers, pencils etc.) back and forth while the exam is in progress. Cell phones may not be used as calculators.

Leaving the exam room: 
Students who need to leave the exam room to use the washroom or for other valid reasons, must wait for an escort from exam central.

Academic Integrity: 
Copying, showing intent to copy, cheating, assisting others to cheat, or being in possession of unauthorized materials or electronic devices in the examination room will result in the complete 
or partial cancellation of the paper and further disciplinary action.

Electronic Devices: 
Students may not take cell phones or any other electronic device into an exam room. These are to be left in a secure place outside the exam room. Consequences for bringing electronic devices into the exam room may include confiscation by the supervising teacher up to cancellation of the exam paper. Exceptions by prior arrangement are calculators where required for an exam or laptops where an IEP accommodation is in place. The office will not supply calculators.

Disturbance during the exam: 
Students are expected to show consideration for others in the exam room and to refrain from causing any type of disturbance which could interfere with the ability of fellow  students to concentrate. Consequences for disturbing an exam may include cancellation of your exam paper.

Finishing the exam: 
At the end of the examination, students must stop writing at once, fold their exam papers as instructed, check on and around the desk to ensure that every sheet to be marked is included, and remain seated quietly until dismissed by the supervisor.

Dismissal from the exam room: 
Sit in your seat quietly until dismissed. If finished early, prepare your exam paper as described and wait quietly. Dismissal will only occur through the direction of the presiding teacher. Once you leave the exam room, remember that others may still be writing their exams. Move through the halls quietly and exit the building.

During Exam week: 
Students are expected to remain at home during exam week when not scheduled to write an exam. The cafeteria will be closed. Students may not study or loiter in the halls during exam week. The library will be open for quiet study from 8:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. each day. Guidance will be open during exam week by appointment.