Respect for Safety

Good Citizenship:
Students are expected to be active partners in helping to resolve conflicts and to seek mediation for disputes when necessary. Students are asked to speak to a teacher or VP to help solve problems.

All accidents and injuries must be reported to the supervising teacher or to the office immediately. An accident report must be completed as soon as possible.

Parents/guardians are welcome to visit but must report to the main office. Students are not to associate with intruders or bring visitors into the school or onto school property. Failure to comply may result in a Trespass Notice to the visitor and disciplinary action to the student.

Fire Alarms: 
When the fire alarm rings, staff and students must exit the building promptly. Students and staff are to go to the following locations:

·   Front of the school: proceed to the sidewalk on Fordwich Cres.

·   Parking lot area: move beyond the parking lot to the fence area

·   Rear Doors: move to the centre of the field

Students must stand with their teacher so that attendance can be taken. Fire Drills will be conducted on a regular basis and students will be
informed of specific details at the beginning of each school year.

All lockdowns are to be treated seriously. Students must follow the directions of staff members and review the procedures that are posted throughout the school. Students if outside the classroom are to seek immediate shelter or exit the building and go to the Rexdale Alliance Church or Rivercrest Junior School.

A Hold and Secure:
Message from the office indicates that there is a threat in the community. The school may proceed as business as usual unless informed otherwise by Principal or police. In a Hold and Secure access to and from the school will be restricted and no one should leave the building for lunch during this Emergency procedure.

Student Safety Line:
Students may call an anonymous phone line to report safety concerns at 416-395-SAFE (7233). Anonymous tips can also be left with “Crimestoppers” at 416-222-8477 (TIPS).

Safe Arrival at School:
Thistletown C.I. is located at a very busy traffic intersection. Upon crossing Islington Ave. on their way to school, students are strongly urged to use the traffic lights as a way of safely crossing Islington. DO NOT try to beat the lights as they change. DO NOT try to dodge the traffic by trying to cross Islington at any other point other than the crossing lights. Fordwich Cres. has also become a busy street, especially at the beginning of the school day and at the end as parents drop off and pick up students.  A large number of vehicles are present on the street at this time.  Students are strongly encouraged to use safe practices in crossing Fordwich Cres.  Do not cross by walking/running between cars.  Students riding bicycles to school are urged to be especially vigilant and to adjust their riding practices in order to arrive safely at school.  Students who are driven to school or are picked up are asked to urge their parents to be very vigilant for student pedestrians.  Drivers need to be very careful as they try to do U-turns on the street; use neighbourhood driveways to make turns or use the entrance to Pakenham Dr. to turn as they try to make their way back to Islington Ave.