Respect for School Property


Keep your school clean. To deter rodent activity, food and drinks (except water) are not to be brought into the classroom or consumed in the halls. Please be sure to pick up after yourselves and others where appropriate to support the work of TCI’s caretaking staff.

Cafeteria Expectations:

Students are kindly requested to consume all food and beverages in the cafeteria only. Students are expected to clean up after themselves and to deposit their garbage and recyclable materials in the containers provided.

Property Damage, Graffiti and Vandalism:
Students are responsible for taking care of books, equipment and uniforms loaned to them by the school. Students are expected to treat the school building, grounds and property with care and respect. Students who damage or lose school property will be required to pay the costs of repair or replacement.


Textbooks are the property of the school and are loaned to students for use while enrolled in courses at TCI. Textbooks must be returned in the condition in which they were signed out. Students will be charged the full replacement cost of textbooks that are lost or damaged.


A parking permit must be obtained from the Principal if you wish to park a vehicle on school property. This permit must be displayed on the dashboard when the vehicle is parked on school property. Students may only park their vehicles in designated parking spaces (on the west side of the parking lot adjacent to the fence). Parking in other areas is prohibited. Unsafe use of a vehicle will result in the loss of' parking privileges.

Video Surveillance:

Students are reminded that many areas of the school are monitored by video cameras. Anyone found defacing video equipment will face serious consequences.


All students will be assigned a locker and must use it to store their personal belongings. Bags, coats and other outdoor garments must be stored in lockers. A combination lock is required and the combination must be submitted to the office. All lockers are the property of the TDSB. The school maintains the right to search a locker if there is a reasonable belief that it contains illegal or inappropriate items. Students are responsible for the content of their lockers and must not share lockers with other students. The security of lockers cannot be guaranteed and students are advised to leave all valuables at home. Students will be held responsible for the cost of repairing defaced or damaged lockers.

Sports Equipment:

Ball playing (basketball, soccer, football etc.) is not permitted in the halls. Roller blades, skate boards and bicycles are not to be used in the school.