Respect for Learning

Academic Performance:
Students are expected to participate responsibly in their learning by completing assignments and homework, participating positively in classroom discussions, seeking extra help when necessary and following the teacher's directions at all times.

Academic Honesty and Integrity:
Students are expected to be academically honest by submitting their own original work, and the marks they receive are intended to reflect their own academic achievement. Academic dishonesty in any form is a serious offence. Plagiarism is usually defined as presenting someone else’s words and ideas as one’s own. It includes submitting an essay/assignment/lab report written by someone else; copying and pasting from the Internet or other electronic sites without citing the source; and not providing quotation marks for direct quotations – even if the sources have been cited. When cheating, copying or plagiarism is confirmed by a teacher, the student will be awarded a mark of zero for the assignment. The teacher will have no evidence to show that the student has demonstrated the research and/or other skills required for meeting the achievement of the course expectation(s). At the discretion of the teacher in consultation with the assistant curriculum leader and/or vice principal, there may be an opportunity at another time for the student to demonstrate evidence for meeting the course expectation(s). 

Attendance and Punctuality:
Students are expected to be present and on time for every class. Good attendance is directly related to academic success. Arriving late to class is disrespectful and interferes with learning. If a student is absent due to illness, personal or family reasons or school authorized activities, it is the responsibility of the student to arrange for missed work to be completed within a reasonable time frame. Extended Absence Forms are available in the office for students who plan to be away for more than 5 days. Students are responsible for all assigned work while away.

Assemblies are an important part of learning at TCI. Students are expected to sit with their class and teacher in assigned seats and to treat all speakers and performers with courtesy and respect.

Students Sent To Office:
Students sent out of class must report to the office immediately and wait to speak to a Vice-Principal. A green sheet will be sent to the office outlining the reason for removal from the class. The time of arrival will be noted on the sheet. Failure to report promptly to the main office will result in disciplinary action.

Electronic Devices (Out of Sight and Powered Off): 
All electronic devices including cell phones, iPods, MP3's and video games must be turned off and put away during instructional time in all classes and in the halls. Failure to respect this policy will result in disciplinary action including storage of the device in the main office until the end of the day. Parents are asked to call the office if they wish to speak with their child, At other times the use of these devices should be governed by the sound judgment of the individual. The security of these devices is the sole responsibility of the owner. The school cannot be asked to recover stolen, misplaced or lost devices.

Hall Expectations
Students loitering in the halls when classes are in session are disrupting the learning of others. Students on spares must carry a copy of their timetable and be in the library or in the cafeteria, not in the halls or parking lot. Students are not permitted to visit or disrupt other classrooms for any reason.

Hall Pass:
Students may leave the classroom only with teacher permission. Students are required to carry a hall pass which must be fully visible at all times. Using the hall pass is a privilege, not a right. Students without a hall pass will be escorted back to class by a TCI staff member.

Academic Eligibility for Extra-Curricular Activities:
Students are strongly encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities at TCI. In order to be eligible to participate in any extra-curricular activity, students must have a valid student activity card and meet the eligibility requirements of the school. See section on Academic Eligibility in the agenda book.