Experiential Learning and Cooperative Education


Experiential Learning and Co-operative Education - Explore the adult world of work, improve your resume and earn two or four high school credits with real job experience at TCI.  Co-op allows students to learn by giving them job training insights to a potential career choice.  Students will gain a greater understanding about the right employment choice for their future. The TDSB offers Co-operative Education opportunities within Banking, Construction, Police, Army, Dance/Drama, Hospitals and many other areas.  Programmes such as Dual Credits (earn a free college credit and an additional high school credit) and the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship programme (OYAP) are available while participating in Co-operative Education. To complete  SHSM certification Co-op is a requirement.  Experiential education improves communication skills for the adult world, increases self confidence and advocacy skills to navigate a network within the world of work.  Choose a Co-operative Education experience to learn and transform your understanding about the world of employment.

TCI also offers students many school wide initiatives  to experience learning outside the classroom.  In October a team of students from TCI participated in an i2H hatch Entrepreneurial Experiential Learning Innovator Boot Camp and Showcase. It was a 4 day intensive experience for students to create a start-up company in year 3000 guided by experts from the University of Toronto Entrepreneurship Hatchery foundation.  TCI student teams won a first place prize of $1500 and a second team won honourable mention.   

Teachers  include field trips as part of their courses as well as school wide trips.  This year we plan on having an Outward Bound experience in the spring as well as an Alpine Ski trip to Collingwood Ontario.  Guest speakers are brought to the school to help students learn from professionals in a variety of fields.  We will be hosting a Career Fair Wednesday November 29th, 2017 where professionals from a variety of industries will share their experience with students at our school.   

In the new year we will have guest speakers from a variety of areas visit TCI.  These include but are not limited to experts in Aboriginal Affairs, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Software,  App development,  Healthcare, Financial Literacy, and Restorative Practices to name a few.  We also have a school based organic garden run by PACT where students can learn and earn community service hours or Co-operative Education credits with experts in Community Sustainability and protecting the environment.  Our hospitality program will be running a trip to Spain.

Experiential Learning at TCI

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