Experiential Learning (Co-op) & Career Studies Department

Our highly regarded Co-operative Education Program combines classroom instruction with valuable hands-on experience in over 100 occupational areas in business and industry. Students may earn two, three or four credits during the Co-op term.

Through Co-op, students acquire confidence and self-esteem, make informed career decisions, develop the skills and attitudes required for success in an ever-changing workplace, build a professional network for future employment, make smoother school-to-work transitions, and enhance acceptance possibilities to post-secondary or training programs.

Students, who are 16 years or older and have at least 16 credits, may register as an Apprentice while in Co-op. Many specialized apprenticeships are available in the auto, hospitality and construction industries as well as in a broad range of trades.

Prior to their placements, students prepare for success and learn workplace safety, employment standards and employers’ expectations. Co-op teachers monitor students regularly at their Co-op placements to assess their progress.

Here is a small sample of our past student Co-op placements.  Click on each of the links below to hear directly from our students.

Healthcare Co-op

Pharmacy Co-op


Graphic Design


Personal Fitness/Athlete Training

Veterinary Studies

Baking - Hospitality

Retail/Customer Service

For more information, please contact the Experiential Learning Department at 416.395-3290 X20048. 

NHSS CO-OP Brochure

Step to Construction Program


Some of Our Co-op Placements

Animal Care
Arts & Dance/Drama
Business (i.e. Banking, Accounting, Marketing, Entrepreneurship)
CANADIAN Armed Forces
Communication TECHNOLOGY
Construction & Trades
Culinary Arts & Hospitality (i.e Baking, Chef)
Fashion Design
Health Care/Hospitals/Physiotherapy/Pharmacy/Long Term Care

Information Technology (i.e. Computer Hardware, Software, Robotics, Web Design)

Interior Decorating
Makeup, Hair and Skincare
Retail/Customer Service
Sound Technician and Music Production
Teaching, Early Childhood Education and Social Work
Transportation Technology (Automotive Service Technician, Truck & Coach)


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Dual Credits

Student Testimonials

"Being treated like an actual employee in my placement, and not just a co-op student, gave me an idea of a professional work environment and the difference between the relationships of employee and manager, co-workers, and client to employee. I learned how to fit into this professional setting and how to act and treat the people I worked with appropriately." (Parastou, June 2015)

"I have always loved this occupation and after working there for almost 5 months, I even love it more now. I got to see everything first hand and I think this is the career that I want to pursue in the future." (Ghazal, June 2015)

"Both of my co-op experiences were great. I feel every student should have a great experience in this program because I find nothing wrong with it.  There is no need for improvement.  If it could help students like me, and you know it helped me a lot."  (Mason, June 2015)

"I am a former student that was placed at Manulife Securities for my co-op placement.  I just wanted to take the time out to say thank you for the great dedication that you put in as a committed counsellor and caring teacher.  I’m studying hard now at Schulich, and I constantly encounter situations where I am able to apply the knowledge that I developed at my co-op placement.  This is always the greatest feeling ever.  This valuable placement also gave me an advantage over my peers, and helped me successfully apply for executive positions in several school clubs.   Thanks again, co-op was definitely an experience that changed me, and I feel that students only begin to appreciate it after they leave, and see the real-life applications of the skills learned.  Your advice about punctuality, business etiquette and networking now has great value to me."  (Mark, November 2013)

​Contact Information

ACL NAME: Natalie Fimis
TELEPHONE: 416-395-3290 (EXt. 20048)
Classroom: Room 110
StafF: Natalie Fimis, Felicia Brennan, Elvy Moro, Ian DaSilva, David Oppenheimer