Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) - Arts & Culture

The Creative Centre Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM - Arts & Culture)

This Arts and Culture SHSM is a specialized program that allows students to gain credits toward their Ontario Secondary School Diploma while focusing their learning the Creative Industries economic sector. Student's at Northview take four courses in Arts and/or Technology and have access to additional opportunities. This includes Creative Industries career talks, experiences and industry recognized training.

Students have grades 11 and 12 to complete the requirements which includes four major credit, one elective credit, a COOP course and Certifications.





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Future career paths for arts and culture majors

For arts and culture majors, possible careers include:

  • apprenticeship – clothing and crafts artisan, painter and decorator, patternmaker
  • college – animator, graphic design and illustration, marketing/advertising, production supervisor, artisan or craftsperson, broadcast technician, film or video camera operator, graphic arts technician, interior designer, photographer, fashion designer, video recording technician
  • university – animator, writer, curator, painter, sculptor, producer, director, public relations, communications
  • entry level workplace – camera operations, desktop publishing operator, graphic artist or illustrator, musician, photographic film processor, sign maker, textile colourist, weaver, knitter


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Leadership and Photography Certifications at Forest Valley, a reach ahead experience at Cossette Marketing Agency and Animation at the Ontario Skills Competition

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Some of the available certifications