Guidance Newsletter

Guidance Newsletter 2021-22 School Year


The Northview Guidance Department values and appreciates the importance of the student and parent/guardian voice.  Our goal is to give our students the necessary tools to make informed decisions to ensure success in secondary school.  Guidance counsellors are always available to assist students. 

Guidance Google Classrooms:

The Northview Guidance Department understands the key role communication plays in ensuring the success of our students.  In an effort to maximize important communications, we have created four individual guidance google classrooms (grades 9, 10, 11 and 12)  for all of our Northview students and ask each student to join according to their current grade level.  The This method of communication has proven to be very successful in ensuring that students are receiving immediate communications by our department.   The Northview Guidance Department has posted, and will continue to post, important messaging throughout this school year. We are requesting all students to join.  The Guidance Google Classroom codes are posted outside of the guidance office (across room 103).   Unfortunately parents cannot join these google classrooms as they require a TDSB email to join.  We encourage parents/Guardians to view the Guidance Google Classrooms with their student.  


Virtual Guidance Appointments:

DUE TO COVID-19 there will be no walk-in appointments. 

Individual Guidance counsellor appointment links and detailed instructions on how to book a guidance appointment are posted in the Guidance Google Classrooms.  A page with bar scan codes to individual guidance counsellor appointment links can also be found outside of the guidance office and on information bulletin boards around the school.   Once a student books an appointment, a google meet address will automatically be generated.

  • In-person learners- Guidance Counsellors will call students down from class for appointment visits (ignore the automated google meet link)
  • Virtual learners- Guidance Counsellors will meet with students via a google meet during their booked time. An automated google meet address will be generated when a student books an appointment.

Counsellors will meet with students  on the day and time of their appointment.  


Student Timetables:

All students should now be settled into their Semester 1 courses courses and we wish everyone a successful semester.  


Non-TDSB School Credits and Volunteer Hours:

If students have completed a course with another School Board, e.g. the Toronto Catholic District School Board or a private school or need to submit their volunteer hours:

In-person learners can come to the guidance office and drop off a hard copy of their report cards and/or volunteer hour sheets directly.  Students may also drop these off in the GUIDANCE DROP BOX in the MAIN OFFICE. 

Virtual Learners can email their counsellor their editable PDF volunteer hours.  


Note: All private school final report cards must be sent to the student's guidance counsellor by the school principal

The Northview Guidance Department would like to wish everyone a successful semester 1!