Guidance Newsletter Semester 1 2023

Guidance Newsletter

September began with a busy and productive opening.  Students have now settled into their classes and we wish them the best of luck this semester. 

Over the years the Guidance department has been instrumental in organizing events and workshops for our students and parents.  We encourage all students and parents to visit our Guidance page at We also encourage all parents and students to check the school app for additional information and school calendar details.  

Below are some of the events Northview’s Guidance department has planned for the 2023-24 school year:

- September 26, 2023 Evening Student nd Parent/Guardian Evening Information Evening via zoom

- October 23, 2023 University Dialogue (In-School) York, UofT, TMU, Guelph, OCAD, McMaster, Waterloo will attend

- October 30, 2023 College Dialogue (In-School.  Representatives from Seneca, Humber, George Brown, Centennial, Georgian and Sheridan College will attend 

- December 6, 2023- Preparing for the Future- Grade 11 Students

In addition to student voice, the Northview Guidance Department values and appreciates the importance of parent voice as well.  We have organized a number of Evening Information sessions which allow parents  to gather information and support their students during their educational journey.  Some of the evening events planned for this year are:

- Tuesday September 26- OUAC How to Apply to University Student and Parent/Guardian Information Evening via zoom (6-7pm)

-Wednesday November 8, 2023:  OCAS How to Apply to College Parent and Student Information Evening (6-7pm)

- Wednesday January 24, 2024: Course Selection Information Evening for grade 10 and grade 11 Parents and Students (6-8)

- Wednesday March 6, 2024: OSAP Information Evening (6-7pm)

Guidance counsellors are working with our grade 11 students to ensure that they are researching pathway opportunities available to them.  The detailed research students are conducting in their grade 11 year will give them the confidence they need when it comes time to apply to post-secondary programs in their graduating year. 
Our counsellors have been busy welcoming and helping our grade 9 students with the transition to secondary school. A Guidance Welcome for our grade 9 students will be organized in the fall.
Our grade 10 Careers teachers are providing our students with important information regarding self-assessment, career exploration and educational planning through
myBlueprint- Individual Pathways Planner (IPP).
Our goal is to give our students the necessary tools to make informed decisions to ensure success in secondary school. Counsellors are always available to assist students.  The Guidance Appointment Book is available for students to book appointments with their counsellors.