Welcome to Northview Heights Sciences. Our department employs a significant amount of technology and strives to have students develop an inquiring mind with deeper understanding in problem solving.  

Northview encourages students to enroll in the various Science Contests offered. 
For students wishing to do higher advanced questions not found in the Curriculum, a Physics club occurs each Friday over the lunch hour.  

If you have any questions, concerns, or further inquiries please contact the Science Department at 416-395-3290 ext. 20095.

Below you will find a list of courses offered in our department this current school year.  If you click on the courses, you will open a PDF version of the course outline.  These course outlines state the major units of each course and the evaluation/assessments policy.

Contact Information

ACL Name : Karim Sukhu, Alan Tang
Office room number : Science Office (second floor)
Extension : 20095
Staff : R. Khan, S. Mohammed, T. Lee, K. Sukhu, K, Hundal, R. Shook, S. Khattra, G. Baksi, S. Hutchison, A. Sharama, A. Tang, E. Wu, S. Evans, A. Dunbar, J. Ishiguro, N. Ahmad, T. DiTommaso, M. Taheri