Students are encouraged to take part in the many and varied co-curricular activities as part of their school life. Activities are offered in several classrooms and gymnasiums usuallly during the lunch period. In addition, students may opt to participate on school teams and compete with other schools in a variety of competitve sports and activities.


Students are encouraged to participate in many clubs, which are not limited to: the Drama  Club, Lighting & Stage Crew, Computer Club, Chess Club, Swim Team, Choir & Sting Orhcestra, Networking Club, Cheerleaders Club, Video Club, Math Club, French Club, Physics Culb and Science Club. Due to changin interests, other clubs may be initiated with the assistance of a staff advisor.

Awards can be achieved by participating in a variety of school sponsored activities. Student participation is rated through a collective point system maintained by staff members and sponsors. Further details on the points system can be obtained from the main office, your class representative, coach or club sponsor.

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