Special Education

Special Education

As a department we:

  • Work with teachers across subject departments to support the learning needs of ALL students
  • Ensure students are receiving instructional, environmental, and assessment accommodations as identified in their IEPs
  • Work with parents, students and teachers in the ongoing development of IEPs
  • Work in conjunction with guidance to support students through transitions in school and to post secondary pathways
  • Distribute and maintain all SEA claim technology

Our Staff:

Educational Assistants (EAs) - support learning in the classroom

Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) - support specific students or groups of students with special care needs

Child and Youth Workers (CYWs)- support student self regulation, social skills development and student wellness. Can be assigned to an individual (SIP), or a group/ class / program. They communicate information related to classroom strategies that promote student success.

Our Intensive Support Programs (ISPs):

Northview offers TWO credit potential ISPs:

Autism (ASD ISP) and Mild Intellectual Disability (MID ISP)

These are PARTIALLY INTEGRATED programs, meaning students will have some small contained courses within the ISP and some integrated courses with support.

The focus in each ISP is skill building with direct instruction. 

Wellness and Community Resources

Please see Northview's Wellness and Community Resources site for resources related to:

  • Mental Health and Community Supports 
  • Supports for students with exceptionalities
  •  Wellness, Self Care and Physical Health
  • Financial Supports
  • How to access support through Northview's Resource Child and Youth Worker, Angie Di Domenico


For any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our Curriculum Leader of Special Education, Leanne McGuirk, at 416 395-3920 ext 20136 or leanne.mcguirk@tdsb.on.ca