Core Curriculum

The English curriculum has undergone a number of radical changes in the past ten years with a move from teacher to student centred, from the study of one novel to a book club approach, from a genre approach to a skills based approach.  We believe that students learn language best through a variety of experiences.  In grades 9 and 10 students are given explicit and differentiated instruction to improve their reading and writing skills. Participation in book clubs provides students of every grade and level with the opportunity to read a variety of books and discuss topics of interest to them.Our Culminating Performance Tasks are designed to give students an opportunity to demonstrate the skills they have learned throughout the course, focusing primarily on their media and oral language skills. Now that we have moved to the development of skills through the study of literature and non-fiction texts, students pursuing any post secondary work, or college and university programs in any subject area can focus on improving their individual skills.

Learning Through the Arts

“Learning Through the Arts”  is a priority for the English Department, so part of our budget is earmarked to enrich each of our English classrooms with opportunities such as: inviting  authors, and actors into our classrooms to provide our students with workshops to bring their writing and reading to life. Class trips to Stratford Theatre, Elgin Winter Garden Theatre and the Harbourfront Centre for Performing Arts are also subsidized by the department. 

Elective Courses

The Media course helps stuednts to explore critically the impat on society of TV, advertising and film.

A Studies in Literature is a new course being offered this year in which the students will focus on the genre of Mystery.

Contact Information

CL Name: L. Martinez
Office Number: English Office, Room 214
Extension Number: 20090
Staffs: A. Bobb, M. Caparelli,  S. Carter, C. Farache, C. Fejer, S. Juruc,
            L. Martinez, B. Mathai,  D. Reibetanz, W. Wills