The Student Services Centre is open to all students and parents from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. Guidance Counsellors assist students with personal, social, educational and career planning concerns. They also conduct in-school and online information sessions for students in all grades.

Every student at Northview Heights is assigned to a guidance counsellor with whom he/she can discuss personal issues. 

Guidance Counsellor

Student Last Name

Ms. Tanrikulu (Assistant Curriculum Leader)

A - G

Mr. Brewda

H-M (Visa students A-M)

Ms. Allison

N-Ra (APGA and MID &ASD programs)

Ms. Pavlic-Trias

Rb- Z (Visa students N-Z)

Booking a Guidance Appointment

Students wishing to book guidance appointments will have to come to the guidance office and book their appointment in our Appointment Binder.  Remember not to book on a day and period you have tests/quizzes/ presentations/gym class. Counsellors will call students down from that class during the period  booked.

The Guidance Appointment Binder will be out on Friday September 30.  Appointments start effective Monday October 3rd.

Our services include:

  •  Academic, career and personal counselling. 
  •  Information about adventure and study-abroad programs.
  •  Career education: Internet programs, guest speakers, excursions, conferences, interest surveys, workshops, classroom lessons, summer opportunity fair.
  •  Career planning and info regarding future trends in employment.
  •  Display and promotion of community programs and information about educational, volunteer and work opportunities.
  •  Assisting with financial planning for post-secondary education.
  •  Liaising with elementary schools, colleges & universities.
  •  Managing credit/diploma information.
  •  Monitoring the progress of at-risk students.
  •  Personal and group counselling.
  •  Gathering information and assisting students with the application process for post-secondary education.
  •  Referrals to social workers, psychologist, speech & language pathologist, settlement workers, child & youth worker, attendance counsellor, public health nurse, dietician and/or community agencies.
  •  Information about Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries and OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) to help with post-secondary finances
  •  Student leadership programs.
  •  The teaching of study and time management skills.
  •  Welcoming and registering new students. including our Ambassador program.