Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical Education

Northview’s Health and Physical Education Department recognizes the importance of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.  Our main goal is to keep our students ACTIVE.

The Health and Physical Education Program promotes healthy, active living, enjoyment and regular enthusiastic participation in physical activity.  Courses help students understand how personal actions and decisions will affect their health.  Courses provide students with a wide variety of activities that promote fitness and the development of living skills.

The expectations in Health and Physical Education courses are organized into four distinct but related strands:

  1. Physical activity is concerned with refining and combining students’ personal locomotor and stability skills.
  2. Active living focuses on active participation, physical fitness and safety.
  3. Healthy living addresses the knowledge and skills that students need to make informed decisions related to healthy growth and sexuality, mental health, personal safety, and injury prevention.
  4. Living skills help students develop a positive “sense of self”.  They also foster decision making, conflict resolution, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Intramurals and Athletics are a big part of our department.  We have competitive teams in all major sports competing at Regional, City and Ontario Championships.  We have won numerous regional, city and OFSAA titles in previous years.

Our facilities include a double gym, single gym, weight room, swimming pool, dance studio, football field, baseball diamond and two soccer fields.